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Company Overview

  • Head Office in Windhoek
  • Skilled local workforce
  • Specialist service provider to contract opencast and hard rock mining industry
  • Strategic alliance with affiliate companies allows complimentary services



  • Topsoil Stripping
  • Drilling and Blasting
  • Dozer Pushover
  • Truck and excavator removal of overburden and mineral deposits
  • Relevant pit services
  • Subsequent rehabilitation process and related activities
  • Complete solutions to client’s mineral and materials handling, stockpiling and loading requirements
  • Exploration Drilling, Drilling & Blasting Services
  • Mine Planning
  • Product Beneficiation
  • Geological Services



  • Access to a substantial fleet of yellow metal within the group



  • Non-negotiable environment and safety standards
  • Documented and audited safety systems



  • Supported by South African sister company Genet Mining, therefore boasting vast experience and the capacity of moving millions of cubic meters per month