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  • Situated 20 km North of Swakopmund
  • Adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean and includes the Port of Swakopmund



  • Namibia is experiencing positive development in its mining and manufacturing industries
  • This development is largely concentrated in and around the coastal town of Swakopmund
  • Namibia has no dedicated industrial land areas for heavy and noxious industries
  • Namibia lacks a dedicated bulk port facility
  • Gecko Namibia secured 700ha of land for this purpose to be known as Vision Industrial Park (VIP)
  • The rights to establish a bulk port was simultaneously secured through a cabinet decision


Anticipated Developments

 Phase 1

  • Port of Swakopmund
  • Sulphuric Acid Plant
  • Phosphate Processing Facility
  • Gas Fired Power Station
  • Desalination Plant


Phase 2

  • Phosphoric Acid Plant
  • Granular Fertilizer Plant


Current Status

  • Completed Pre-Feasibility Study
  • Completed Bathymetry Studies
  • Completed EIA Scoping Study
  • Secured port and adjacent land rights (via Cabinet Resolution)
  • EIA and Bankable Feasibility Study underway



  • Sufficient provision for on-land stockyards and heavy industrial development
  • Port to be designed to accommodate Panama-Size vessels (Phase 2)


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