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Grootfontein Nickel


Gecko Exploration holds one Exclusive Prospecting License (EPL5992) and an EPL application over the Grootfontein Mafic Body (GMB).

The GMB constitutes a huge mafic complex of 60 km x 6 km. The mafic to ultramafic rocks of the GMB have the potential to host magmatic Ni, Cu, V, PGE and chromite mineralisation as cumulates or late magmatic disseminations and stockworks.

Previous work by Ongopolo Mining proved that the main intrusives of the GMB are depleted in nickel and copper. The metals were likely fractionated as sulphides during the intrusive phase, gravitationally accumulated in the magma and intruded in the adjacent, preexisting rocks. As in other mafic hosted Cu-Ni deposits such as Norilsk and Voisey’s Bay, sulphidisation by scavenging of sulphur from country rocks and tectono-magmatic concentration of the sulphide-rich melts are the key for the formation of this type of magmatic Cu-Ni-deposits.

Only two shallow drill fences (total of 1,386 m) were drilled by Anglo American in 1988 leaving 55 km of GMB strike length untested.

In addition, hydrothermal re-mobilisation has caused small-scale but high grade Cu-Ni mineralisations mainly to the south of the GMB. Exploration is regarded as high-risk/high-reward greenfields reconnaissance for which a combination of EM and drilling is applied.