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Namibia is on the verge of industrial growth, mainly fueled by developments around the country’s mining industry. The mining expansion will be accompanied by increased demands for reagents (sulphuric acid and alkaline chemicals), used by the various mines for their leaching processes. These reagents constitute a substantial percentage of the total cost of production for these mines.


Currently all chemicals are imported, and Gecko’s research have proven that many of these can be competitively produced locally. Manufacturing of these chemicals will synergize with other industrial needs.

These realities create an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Gecko has identified the potential for a dedicated industrial park in which all future heavy industrial developments in the Erongo Region can potentially be accommodated. A centralized industrial park could successfully unlock Namibia’s mineral potential optimally, and would be the single largest contributor to achieving the goals set in Vision 2030.

Gecko Namibia is committed to develop its industrial projects according to international best-practice environmental requirements and at the same time aims to provide for future industrial development in the area, in a sustainable manner.