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The Gecko dream was not born of the desire for personal enrichment, but rather of an aspiration to leave a legacy that would be of real, sustainable benefit to future generations. With a deep conviction that this is our ultimate calling, we continue to work towards this goal, and it is with humility that we are able to say that, since its inception in March 2008, the group has been abundantly blessed.

Gecko Namibia (Pty) Ltd is a wholly Namibian owned company.  Apart from developing own projects in the mineral & chemical industry, Gecko focusses on providing services to the mining industry of Namibia by providing exploration drilling, chemical analyses, R&D metallurgical test work, civil engineering and construction, process design and plant construction as well as contract mining.


Morné J. du Toit is the Chief Executive Officer for the Gecko Group in Namibia and joined the Team 2015.  He has obtained his B Compt degree through UNISA in 2001.  He further holds various other diplomas and attended an academy to support his leadership role . Over the last 20 years he has gained valuable experience in a wide range of industries, i.e. fishing, logistics, warehousing, clearing and forwarding, to name a few. His wide range of experience is proven to be of high value as it provides the necessary infrastructure (internally & externally) to support the entrepreneurial spirit of the Gecko directors.

Director – Geology, Oliver A Krappmann (MSc, Pr.Sci.Nat.) graduated 1995 in Germany. From 1997 onwards he worked as geologist within the mineral mining and exploration sectors in Southern Africa. After three and a half years in the Witwatersrand gold mining industry he moved good to Namibia taking up a position with the Minerals Development Fund. In 2003 Oliver founded Geokey CC, a consultancy that exposed him to a plethora of exploration projects and assignments in the field of mineral development within Namibia. As from May 2008 he joined Gecko. Oliver possesses a broad-based knowledge of the mineral sector with experience and practical know-how of exploration work, as well as methodology of project development and project management.

Executive Director: Michael I. Gibson is also the Chief Executive Officer of Genet South African Group of Companies. He has a wealth of experience gained in the coal mining sector. He has held numerous senior management positions with leading international mining companies. He holds a BSc Eng. (Mineral Resource Management) Degree from the University of Witwatersrand and is a member of the South African Colliery Managers Association. He further holds several professional qualifications including a Mine Managers Certificate of Competency (Coal).

Rainer H. Ellmies (PhD, MSc, GeoFA, AusIMM), is a German national with 35 years professional experience in geology.  In 2001 Rainer obtained a PhD (cum laude) from the Technical University Berlin, Germany.  His first decade of professional experience is based on scientific research and freelancing consultancy in Russia and Central Asia where he combined research of ore forming processes with exploration and business development.  He joined the German Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR) as a mineral economist for Eastern Europe, CIS and China, and later worked as a senior geologist for non-metallic mineral resources and geothermal energy at BGR’s head office in Hannover. As a senior advisor in the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development in Bonn, Rainer gained broad experience in high level international affairs. He was the project and country manager of the German inter-governmental co-operation in Namibia between 2005 and 2012 and represented the German Raw Materials Agency on the African continent.  Rainer has developed metallogenetic concepts and has worked with complex deposits across a broad range of commodities. His work has led to the discovery of numerous deposits.  Rainer joined Gecko in 2015 as General Manager Exploration.




striving for

  • a living wage for all Namibian
  • an industrialised nation
  • making Namibia an industrial and logistics hub for Southern Africa

by being

  • a responsible corporate citizen
  • community oriented


  • having an ethical foundation
  • making sustainable and responsible investments
  • meeting corporate and social responsibilities
  • taking ethical, social and environmental responsibilities seriously
  • taking an appropriate long term (generational) perspective.