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Marine Diatomaceous Earth


  • 13km offshore of the Namibian West Coast
  • At a depth of between -50 and -105 meters
  • Located 24 km from the town of Swakopmund and 45 km from the Port of Walvis Bay
  • GPS coordinates: 14.268, -22.472

Resource and Reserves

  • Marine mud sediments
  • Indicated reserve > 200 million tons of raw material ~ 60% SiO2 in situ

Production planned

  • Dredging followed by continuous cyclone upgrade of the material using sea water
  • Transport of upgraded material to shore using barges
  • Drying followed by classification to different particle sizes
  • Calcining of specific size ranges
  • Target markets:
    • Filter-grade diatomaceous earth
    • Insulation material
    • Insecticide powder

Current Status

  • EPL 4154 granted to Gecko Phosphates (Pty) Ltd
  • Mineral exploration work completed
  • Prospecting EIA conducted and Environmental Clearance for prospecting work received
  • Bulk sample required for further processing work
  • Basic processing design work concluded