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Marine Phosphates



  • 90km offshore and between -190 to -240 meters in depth
  • 110 km from the Port of Walvis Bay
  • GPS coordinates: 13.527, -23.291



Resource and Reserves

  • Marine mud sediments comprising of fine-grained pellets of the calcium-fluor phosphate mineral francolite (a variety of apatite)
  • Very large lateral extent of mineralized ocean floor sediment layer
  • Inferred reserve > 1billion tons of raw material at 21.0% P2O5¬†average


Production (envisaged)

  • Dredging, upgrade through coarse material rejection by screening and cyclone de-sliming
  • 26% P2O5
  • Potential for direct fertilizer application and/or production of phosphoric acid
  • Phosphoric acid enables further processing to granular fertilizer


Current Status

  • EPL 4154 granted to Gecko Phosphates (Pty) Ltd
  • EIA done for marine exploration work and Clearance Certificate granted by Ministry of Environment and Tourism for the exploration phase
  • Purification and processing test work concluded on the raw material
  • More exploration and detailed processing work in progress



  • The Namibian Government has proclaimed an 18 month moratorium on all marine phosphate mining at the end of 2013
  • The Industry is awaiting the outcome of a marine EIA/SEA commissioned by the Namibian Government.


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