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Lime & Limestone



  • Located on the outskirts of Swakopmund, within the municipal boundary
  • 6.5 km from the nearest tar road (B2 just east of Swakopmund)
  • 4 km from the Nonidas railway siding
  • 45 km from Port of Walvis Bay (via road)
  • 62 km from Port of Walvis Bay (via rail)
  • GPS coordinates: 14.641, – 22.581


Resource and Reserves

  • High grade, white marble with average > 98.5% CaCO3: > 3.2 million tons to 10m depth
  • High-grade grey marble of > 96.5% CaCO3: > 56 million tons (to 25 m depth)
  • An additional huge resource base of other high-grade marble rocks



  • Opportunity for producing GCC and PCC
  • Opportunity for producing very high grade, high reactivity lime and hydrated lime of very high whiteness
  • Opportunity for establishing cement production


Current Status

  • Rights secured under Exclusive Prospecting License (EPL) 4185
  • Resource drilled and defined
  • Environmental Clearance Certificate obtained from the Ministry of Environment & Tourism
  • working on application for Mining License
  • Processing and purification tests on-going



  • The resource is situated outside of the Dorob National Part and within the town lands of Swakopmund